Healthspan Heart Synergex 28 Day Supply

Healthspan Heart Synergex 28 Day Supply
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Product details
Categories: Vitamins,B Vitamins
Brand: Healthspan

Healthspan’s Heart Synergex contains plant sterols, with natural compounds that have been shown to help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels, and concentrated omega 3 fish oil that provides high levels of DHA and EPA fatty acids, which have been shown to aid cardiac function. Their product also contains Co-enzyme Q10, a substance that is present in particularly high concentration in the energy-intensive cells of the heart, and an odour-free garlic extract that contains sulphur compounds, such as allicin, which have beneficial effects for the body. Additionally, their product contains a cardio-vitamin complex containing the full range of B vitamins, including thiamine, which is involved in cardiac function and the maintenance of energy levels, plus vitamin D3 for muscle health. Key features: - The optimum combination of heart health nutrients. - Plant sterols for the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol. - High-quality omega 3 fish oil for its role in heart function. - Cardio-vitamin complex, garlic extract and co-enzyme Q10.