Healthspan Multivitality 70 Plus 120 Tablets

Healthspan Multivitality 70 Plus 120 Tablets
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Brand: Healthspan

What is MultiVitality 70 Plus? “Vitality” is the state of being strong and active or to have mental vigour. We believe in prolonging vitality as much as we can, that expert nutritionists designed this unique blend of vitamins and minerals specifically with this in mind for the over 70s who want to feel at their best. Why is Healthspan’s better? It contains a wide range of vitamin, minerals and other important nutrients, including co-enzyme Q10, ginseng, bioflavonoids, alpha lipoic acid and acetyl L-carnitine to safeguard the nutrition of anyone over the age of 70. Just one tablet daily of this comprehensive multivitamin supports your brain, bone, heart and immunity health, as well as your muscles and energy metabolism. Here’s the breakdown: Brain Health: B vitamins, iron and zinc contribute to a healthy mental function, including neurological, psychological and cognitive functions. Bone Health: High levels of vitamin D3, vitamin K, magnesium and calcium help maintain normal bones. Heart Health: Co-enzyme Q10 perfectly complements 200% NRV of vitamin B1 which contributes to normal heart function. Immunity: 150% NRV of zinc and high levels of selenium, copper, folic acid and vitamin C help promote a healthy immune system.