Liha Beauty Idan Oil 100Ml

Liha Beauty Idan Oil 100Ml
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Product details
Brand: LIHA Beauty

Idan is the Yoruba word for magic, which is the only word to describe LIHA Beauty’s sublime moisturising oil. The LIHA Beauty Idan Oil is made with natural, cold-pressed coconut oil into which a Tuberose flower has been immersed, ensuring the wonderful scent of this night-blooming flower is absorbed naturally into the oil by a traditional African process of enfleurage. As well as smelling divine, Tuberose has naturally warming and aphrodisiac qualities. LIHA Beauty love to use this for absolutely everything from a body oil to leave-in hair conditioner, or if feeling really indulgent, slathering it head to toe before bed and rinsing off in the morning for truly silky fragranced skin. Some customers have even been known to decant it and use as a solid perfume.