Sephora Collection Bio-Cellulose Eye Masks Caffeine

Sephora Collection Bio-Cellulose Eye Masks Caffeine
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Brand: Sephora Collection

Eye Masks that rescue any pair of eyes The skin in the eye contour area is so thin and delicate that it needs specific care to stay beautiful. Each problem has a solution with Sephora Collection’s eye masks. They can correct puffiness and dark circles, moisturize, or smooth the skin. The bio-cellulose eye patches are formulated with 91% naturally derived ingredients and enriched with plant extracts to make your eyes more beautiful. Our eye patches deliver results in just five minutes Sephora Collection’s eye masks are made of bio-cellulose extracted from fermented coconut water. This ultra-thin, super-absorbent material absorbs three times more serum than a nonwoven fabric and ensures better absorption of the active ingredients to produce results in five minutes tops! Four super-ingredients for a new pair of eyes In keeping with our exacting standards, Sephora Collection has selected four super-ingredients known for their ability to reduce puffiness and dark circles, hydrate, and smooth skin to suit your individual needs. Each eye patch delivers its own specific effect: - Cucumber*: With its high vitamin and mineral content, cucumber is ideal for soothing delicate skin. - Pomegranate*: The vitamins contained in pomegranate tone skin to awaken your eyes in a blink! - Caffeine*: Our caffeine is extracted from green coffee beans. Known for its energy-boosting properties, it is perfect for awakening tired eyes! - Watermelon*: Watermelon’s draws its ability to hydrate and soften skin from its high water, vitamin, and mineral content. *Extracts