Skintended Pure Chamomile Water Hydrolat 100Ml

Skintended Pure Chamomile Water Hydrolat 100Ml
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Product details
Categories: Hair care,Oil
Brand: Skintended

Pure Chamomile Hydrolat is a gentle and calming water that helps to soothe skin, hair, and mind. An organic byproduct of essential oil production, our Chamomile Hydrolat is perfect for those with sensitive skin and for those who want to keep their skin hydrated. Simply spritz on your face anytime you’d like a facial or hair toner! Use a Facial, Hair Toner, as a Pillow Spray for Deep Relaxation or for Face Cleansing, Ideal for All Skin Types, especially Broken & Sensitive or Mix it up with Our Pure Lavender Water Hydrolat if you have a Dry Skin Type, The Best Part is; We use them for Calming Down Pets in Stressful Situations! Can be also used as a Base before Hair Oiling Routine for High Porosity Hair. Only One Ingredient & So Many Uses!