Alcina Royal Intensive Care Hair Mask 500ml

Alcina Royal Intensive Care Hair Mask 500ml
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Product details
Categories: Hair care,Mask
Brand: Alcina

Hair breakage, split ends and brittle hair? Stressed hair? A clear case for the Royal Hair Pack from Alcina. This premium Hair Pack is the anti-stress factor in the Royal Hair Care series and pampers hair with an intensive treatment after washing. A special extract of cashmere peptides strengthens the hair’s structure. The interplay of lipids and moisture factors gives the hair noticeably enhanced elasticity and the hair surface is regenerated and protected. Brittle hair and split ends are thus effectively prevented. Success you can see: Supple, stress-free hair with a silky shine. Our hair is subjected to a range of harmful influences every day. A bit of TLC is often necessary. Regular use of the Royal Hair Pack returns moisture and elasticity to hair and restructures damaged hair fibres. Say goodbye to split ends and bad hair days and hello to healthy, strong and glossy hair. The Alcina Royal Hair Pack makes this possible.