MilanoBrush Oval Soft Brush

MilanoBrush Oval Soft Brush
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Product details
Brand: MilanoBrush

This MilanoBrush Oval Soft brush is for you to use for any brushing, detangling, blow-drying your hair, and massaging your scalp. Perfect for styling all hair types and hair extensions daily. For wet and dry hair.6 benefits in one:1. Comfortable ball-point tips are gentle on hair and scalp, detangle hair easily without damage.2. Painlessly detangles all hair types and textures.3. Great for detangling and straightening wet or dry hair.4. Makes hair smooth, healthy-looking, and tangle-free.5. Great for brushing out extensions.6. Soft touch, lightweight and slip-free handle allows easy and comfortable styling and movement.Product information: soft flexible bristles, lightweight handle.